Huge Range of Machining Heads Hartford delivers a full range of machining head options to customize the machine to your particular cutting requirements. We also offer the auto swivel arm head changer to automate the head changing process and save you machining time.

Automatic heads

+Automatic Universal Head(5°/2.5°/1°)

+Automatic 90° Head(5°/2.5°/1°)

+Automatic Extension Head(350/500mm)

Product description

The best head change time

+Hartford : 118sec

+Others : over 240sec

+Advantage: The efficiency can be increased up to 50%

The hybrid spindle with max. torque can assemble with angular heads

+Hartford : The min. interface on machine head max. torque 600N-m

+Others : Only when assembly gear type spindle, the torque can reach to 600N-m but the interface will be large.

+Advantage: Speed can be increased up to 25%, the interface can be decreased to 30%.

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+The linear guide on three axes are high grade, providing stability for heavy cutting

+High efficiency machining center


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