Laurel/ MVH & HMC series

Massive cast iron construction

+Our cast iron is internally reinforced with heavy ribs to resist flexing and damping vibrations.

One-piece constructed X,Z-axis

+With the new structure design of the one-piece X, Z-axis, the entire structural rigidity is dramatically increased. This also results in higher machine accuracy.

T-shaped base features with high stability

+The T-shaped base measures the width of the column and the depth of the saddle. Specially designed 580mm distance between linear guideways makes the machine perfect for heavy-duty machining. Inside the castings are the heavy-duty, anti-flex, vibration absorbing ribs that Hartford adds.

Product description

High rigidity one-piece column design

+With the use of HyperWorks Topology to conduct an optimum structure analysis and helps to optimize rib deployment for greater rigidity.

Auto pallet changing system is anchored on the base

+The APC of LAUREL machine is integrated on the machine base, free from any possibility of accuracy deviation.

BT-50 high speed built-in 10,000rpm spindle

+With small, light noise and low vibration features.

+i-Tech intelligent spindle is available to intrgrate various smart functions such as i-Diagnosis, i-compensation, i-Balance and i-Protections that provide safty proteciton of the spindle, increase the spindle accuracy and reduce down time (opt.)


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