PBM series

High rigidity

+4-step gear-driven spindle head

+W-axis with two linear ways

Oversize column

For greater stability during cutting

Specially designed rear and front base structure

+Significantly improves structural rigidity.

Spindle gear with central cooling system

+Boring center accuracy: 0.02mm

+Positioning accuracy: Within 0.01mm

+Inner hole surface roughness: 3.2um

Product description

Heavy duty precision spindle

+Spindle travel 700mm

‚Äč+4-step spindle speeds

+Automatic cooling and lubrication

+Rigid spindle stock

Spindle torque output: 200% greater

W-axis is supported by two linear guideways for greater supporting capacity.

Oil/fluid separation design

+Casting iron design with oil/fluid separation design ensure the cleanness of environments.


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