TGV series

TGV-65 gantry type construction

+Four linear guideways on Y axis with drive through gravity enhance stable and dependable moving rigidity.

+The machine is available to be loaded into a HQ container for saving freight costs and reassembling of parts.

+The machine design meets the human engineering principles that allow the operator to load and unload workpieces with ease.

+High efficient chip removal: As there is no obstruction between the workpiece and machining area, chips are quickly evacuated through chip removing channel. This design prevents the machine from thermal deformation caused by heat accumulated chips.

+Three-axis overlap design so the impact on three-axis positioning accuracy is minimized.

Product description

TGV-128/1612 high speed bridge type construction

+The special design of great span between Y-axis linear guideways drastically increases structural rigidity and resist heavy cutting load.

+With the additional pin on the bearing houseing, higher transmission rigidity can be achieved.

+With thermal symmetry and heat isolation design, the heat thermal can be isolated to 97%.

+With the use of toplogy to conduct an optimum structural analysis, a light-weight structure can be achieved.

i-Tech spindle(opt)
+Exclusive smart functions for self-designed and manufactured high speed 24,000rpm spindle is available to integrate various smart functions such as i-Diagnosis, i-Compensation, i-Balance and i-Protections that provide safety protection of spindle, increase the spindle accuracy and reduce down time.

Static rigidity and structure analysis

+Static rigidity and machine structure are analyzed by ANSYS to confirm structure design quality and safety for optimum performance.

Roller type linear guideways on 3 axes

+The linear contact between the rolling body of the roller and the sliding block causes a tiny elastic deformation under a high load condition. This makes high accuracy, heavy load resistance and lifespan possible.

Thermal growth control on 3 axes(opt)

+The parts in 3-axis feed system, such as the motor base, ballscrews, nuts and bearing are completely cooled to remove thermal deformation while ensuring the positioning accuracy of the machine(Features may vary by model).


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