Responsible manufacturing

A. 95% casting iron are machining by Hartford equipment

More than 95% of Taiwanese machining center manufacturers give out jobs of accessories and parts machining to cooperative manufacturers. Instead of doing that, Hartford continuously invests in large machining equipment to enhance level of in-house production, aiming at through control on quality and efficiency and thereby creating a stronger competitive edge.

Hartford is the only one machining center in Taiwan that has in-house production line. From casting iron to shipment, all the procedures are completed at Hartford.

B. All the key component including spindle, ATC, angular head, universal head, B axis head…etc are all designed and made by Hartford

II.Commitment to Quality

A: Why do Hartford products obtain more stability and durability?

From research and development to shipment, all machines are under strictly inspect procedures.
  1. Research and development process control:
  2. Production quality control:
    Capability of 95% in-house production. All key components made by Hartford
  3. Material quality control:
    CMM Coordinate measuring machine-spindle, headstock, ATC, angle head, motor base and bearing housing.
  4. Assembly process quality control:
    Scraping craftsmanship-50 years of accumulated experience in scraping craftsmanship & assembly
  5. Finished product quality control:
    Laser inspection/Dynamic circulatory system check-All using state-of-the-art measuring equipment, assuring zero defect before shipment
  6. Application software control: Hartrol-Hartford controller, Hartnet-Remote management, remote diagnosis ICT and Dual- screen-Intelligent software for HMI and management.

B: Guaranteed Performance through Rigorous Quality Inspections

  1. We have high-tech laser management system for inspection. Hartford is able to meet precision standards such as JIS B6330, JIS B6338, VDI 3441, MIL-I-45208A and ISO 9001.
  2. 100% Inspection by coordinated measuring machine-Critical components: Machine head, spindle, ATC unit and so on
  3. 100% Inspection before entering assembly line-All components
  4. 100% Laser inspection before shipment
  5. 100% Ball bar inspection before shipment


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I. i-Factory Structure

i-Factory is a trend in the future. Hartford provides customers intelligent machines, intelligent functions and automation to achieve Industry 4.0 at your factory.

II. i-Factory- Technology of Products

Hartford manufacture intelligent machines only. From super fine technology, intelligent controller, intelligent machines, automation to i-Factory, Hartford provide you the best integrated project of i-Factory.

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